Here we are finally posting an update about a year after the last one. It’s about time I got to this blog, and what better a topic than E3 2019! Now for those of you that don’t know, I was actually able to attend E3 and travel cross-country and be there and I wanted to tell you guys about my experience personally. This is actually a counter part to a video that will be coming out soon explaining what it’s like to attend the convention. But here on the blog, lets talk about my personal experience!

I would like to mention before I get too far, I did check out some L.A. touristy stuff too. If you want to check that out, I’m shocked you like me that much, but you can find that post on the companion website:

Now my first day of actual E3 was limited in what I was able to do. I had a gamer pass of course, so for the convention actually means you can’t even get into the event on day 1 until 2pm and the show hours were 9am to 7pm each day for media/full passes. So with my limited time, my goal for day 1 wasn’t even to play a whole lot of games, but map out the experience. Upon arrival I got there earlier than my permitted hours to check out the tents and setups outside the convention center which were just as impressive. But I also learned that you can get into the Microsoft Theater, where Xbox decides to host their E3 experience any time as opposed to the delayed gamer pass hours. There was also a Gamespot Experience and Mixer Dome near the Microsoft Theater, while in front of the convention center there was a tent setup with monster trucks and an inflated alien head for the new Monster Jam and Destroy All Humans! appropriately.

IMG_20190611_172153 (1)IMG_20190611_172146

The Xbox setup in the Microsoft Theater was such a charm for the sheer fact that you are playing on the stage where Phil Spencer and everyone stood to announce the games. It’s on of those, “I stood where Keanu Reeves stood” moments. While exploring the theater I took the time to enjoy one game which was my most hyped game to play, Borderlands 3. The game was fantastic, and the demo is available online I believe if you want to see what I played, but it was so much fun. Also they had these booklets where you can answer some trivia, tweet, download an app, etc. and you would win some free game pass ultimate. Fun fact, after 3 days of going in there, I now have Game Pass Ultimate (Gold, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass) for free until September 2021, so absolutely worth it there!

Also I have to mention that I adored the Mixer Dome. There was a cheesy entry thing where they had some streamers “fly through” space with you, but they gave you a ton of free stuff, including some food, a bag, water bottle, shirt, and a few more. Inside they had a live hypestream commentary, various game stations, and just a fantastic environment. I loved this area, just had to throw that out there.

Inside the convention center, the booths were impressive. It was so amazing to walk around the area where in one hall Nintendo was there, as well as a giant E3 area, some PC stuff, some anime style games, and just so much excitement. In the other hall, the west hall I believe, there were giant booths for Borderlands, Fortnite, The Avengers Game, Bethesda’s Area, Warner Brothers Games, etc. There were smaller booths in both areas, there was free stuff areas. Red Bull was handing out free red bulls consistently and it was all so fantastical and it was heaven on earth for big gamers.

IMG_20190611_171945 (1)IMG_20190613_132910

On days 2 and 3, I spent time playing various games. Games I played, both in the Xbox area and the convention center included Borderlands 3 (again), Pokemon Sword and Shield, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Gears 5, Doom Eternal, Halo Reach on PC, and Tunic. All of these games were so amazing, and it’s hard for me to try and talk about each of them but I loved every game I played, so let me give some quick overviews.

Pokemon Sword and Shield was great, being that I haven’t played a pokemon game since Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald. It was the water gym that I played through and it felt certainly like a pokemon game, but it didn’t look as bad as everyone makes it out to be. While the gym was great, I’m far more excited to explore the giant world they showed off.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a neat beatem up. I’ve never played the originals but I can say I really enjoyed my experience in this one. I would like to pick this game up and go back to originals before it comes out, but the most important thing I learned was that Spiderman, my favorite super hero, was pretty lame in the third game. That was a bummer, but other than that it was fun.

Gears 5 was fun, but I ended up getting paired with some developers that clearly didn’t play a whole lot of games. They handled themselves decently at best, but pretty poorly over all so we didn’t complete the escape mission when my 2 teammates weren’t pulling their own weight, but the game was fun so it is what it was. Also not sure what developers they were, but they had Halo shirts on and 343 logos so I’m hoping they were of course Halo devs, but who knows.

Doom Eternal was one of my few must plays, and the game was highly enjoyable. I was terrified that the additions to this game would ruin the flow of combat, but I had so much fun and I cannot wait for this game to come out. Also on a side note, this was one of the first games I was told not to film, not that I had anyone to film any of my gameplays, but this one was hush hush apparently.

Halo Reach was fun to play, but I’m an Xbox nerd so my PC skills were extremely poor. There was also a speed running challenge that I attempted and failed horrifically. It would’ve been great if I could pull off some quick headshots and not die, but I didn’t remember how to trick the level for speed anyways so that went down in flames.

All I can say about Tunic was that I thought the game looked absolutely adorable, and I really want to play it. I opted to let someone else play and I watched and my oh my did it look fantastic.


Lastly, I need to mention playing Borderlands 3 again. It was the same demo but the convention center booth was handing out free stuff while the xbox booth wasn’t, so I felt that I needed to play it again and get some free stuff. The free stuff did include a borderlands mask, as well as some artwork and a bag. In the booth, we got a demonstration going into detail about the game and the next character unveil with a dev. It was fantastic and then during the demo I tried the siren instead of the soldier like I did the first time.

But I have to mention one of the more special moments of the trip was the picture above. While in line I noticed Jack Pattilo from Achievement Hunter. I’ve watched Rooster Teeth since Red vs Blue season 3 and Achievement Hunter has always been my favorite “branch” of that company and seeing Jack was something kinda amazing. It’s one of those things were you see a childhood hero kinda thing. AH is what made me want to do youtube and even though I’m not even close to “making it” online, I’ve gotten farther than I’ve ever thought I could and AH was the start of that dream and so this was by far one of the most special things that has ever happened regarding my gaming passion.

To wrap this all up, I have to say I loved E3. I have always wanted to go, and I was terrified that it would be a let down, but it was most definitely not! I had so much fun and in fact I am dead set on trying to go back next year. E3 is the gamer’s place to be, and it’s where I want to be.

Now that I’m done being all cheesy, I do want to advertise a little. I do have a vlog up on the MarbleTyler youtube channel about the trip, and I will be posting a second one about the other half of the trip and a few other comments on my vacations. I am in the middle of a month long set of vacations, so more info on that is on my other blog linked above. I will be doing a general “The E3 Experience” video soon on the STG youtube channel, so hoping that will be done soon after the vacationing ends so that it stays relevant. Lastly, on the Marble Halo channel I will be reviewing Halo’s E3 presence, and the Xbox E3 show as a whole so that will be coming soon. Go check all those out as they slowly get released, and I can get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for reading, and bearing with me. Things will get going soon. July probably. Hopefully.