So recently, I’ve bought the Xbox Game Pass so I could play Sea of Thieves across both my laptop, and my Xbox. Beyond this we’ve had a few other title release. At the moment, the only games I’ve purchased for a long time have been Sea of Thieves and I just bought Far Cry 5 yesterday. I’ve been playing a little bit of Far Cry, and I put a good chunk of hours into Sea of Thieves.

In terms of content, I’ve posted several Sea of Thieves videos last week and one this week. I would like to get into a more regular schedule for content creation, and luckily some games that interest me have finally been releasing. I plan on doing 4 different map videos in regards to Far Cry 5, doing the corner to corner time in a plane, helicopter, car, and on foot. The last one will be the most challenging, which is why I will be releasing that one last.

I do have a few more Sea of Thieves videos planned that I’m still working on, including a full review. I will also be doing a review of Far Cry hopefully in the new future. I would also like to start doing Marble Multiplayer on weekends but it will comes down to my University work, and balancing my schedule. I haven’t been posting for very long, since I’ve restarted the channel, but I have gained 10 subscribers in about 2 weeks. Hopefully I can increase that number exponentially, but it is a lot of work and so stay tuned and let’s see what happens.