So I know I’ve been updating the Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, but there really hasn’t been any news here on the website. Well here I am to start using this as more of a blog than an update to every time I post a video. So I want to go through some of the plans I have as I continue to work on videos.

First of all, I started reviewing movies. I did a Black Panther review a few weeks ago, and today I’m putting out a Tomb Raider review. I have a list of movies coming out this year I would love to check out and do reviews on. I only want to make videos about nerd movies though that make sense with the channel. For example I want to do a review of the new Pacific Rim this weekend, and the upcoming Ready Player One which I’m hyped for. But I also plan on seeing the 3rd God’s Not Dead, and I don’t feel like that truly applies to my channel right now.

Gaming wise, I’ll be picking up Sea of Thieves tonight and will probably do at least one or two videos playing that, and I’m looking forward to Far Cry 5 next Tuesday. Realistically, I’ll be doing more videos in Far Cry 5, but truly it just comes down to my schedule with college and work.

Lately I’ve been playing in The Act Man‘s community game nights, and I recorded some footage so I could do a video talking about why I think interacting with your fans and community is important for content creators. I’ll also be making an all-encompassing video about Video game movies and why they generally do poorly and get lost in translation between the different genres. And yes, I do still plan on comparing Burnout Paradise Remastered to the original, even though my opportune window is quickly closing.

That’s all for now, I’m excited to see where my channel goes since I’ve recently gotten a small boost in content and, in turn, views. Let’s see where we go from here!