Hey guys, it’s MarbleTyler looking to give you a little update and preview of what’s to come.

So obviously since I announced that there are going to be more posts, there really hasn’t been any. There has been one brand new Youtube video (of which I neglected to go and post here on the site), but other than that there really hasn’t been much. While this technically isn’t an excuse, I had always said that the goal of STG wasn’t to post frequently and develop a full subscriber base like many popular bloggers and youtubers, but that to instead just post things that we genuinely enjoy playing and doing. That doesn’t make up for the lack of my promise, but that is definitely a part of it.

The real reason is because right now it’s just me, and I’m currently stepping up the professional quality of the content I do. I’ve slowly acquired more and better hardware as time has gone on to the point that I now have professional grade equipment, as I’m using a real beefy computer, the El Gato capture device, and a Blue Snowball microphone.

On the technical side of things, I’ve now switched over to Adobe’s top line products which includes Photoshop and Premiere Pro. These tools aren’t exactly the easiest to learn. As of right now I’ve only created and posted one new video with a generic thumbnail of our logo (posted below). These new tools are a lot more complicated than I first anticipated, and overall that’s a very good thing. I’m coming up on being ready to post a second and third new video.

And finally the last reason I haven’t posted an new content is simply because I’m trying to make better content. I’m currently editing and processing content that features multiple games, edits of which include time-codes, and videos on a much grander scale that feature multiple gameplays and perspectives. All of these things take a lot of work and doing all of this while in college full-time, having a girlfriend, having 2 jobs, and trying to adjust to all the new equipment and software certainly hasn’t been easy. Down below is a little preview of what’s to come, but overall I’m very excited about where this new set of videos is gonna take us.

Halo Spinoff.jpg