Hey everyone, I just wanted to update you on what’s been going on at STG and what’s to come.

The summer is a very busy time for many of us, but we really enjoy posting here online so we’re more than happy to put as much time in as possible. I’m currently in discussions with several new people who are both capable and willing to do things for the site and Youtube we have going. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to confirm right now but the following upcoming shows that I personally will have a hand in.

  • Marble Playthroughs
    • This is a new show I will be introducing featuring myself and occasional guests as I experience the games for the first time. Next week I will be starting a test run of the show as I experience Dice’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If all goes well, I will be continuing this show with more new games coming soon!
  • Date Night
    • I will be playing games with my wonderful girlfriend and putting out any and all interesting moments. Like the last show, I will put out a few test episodes to see what I think and move on from there. Episodes will sometimes be consecutive as we play through a game, while other times it will be simple one-offs.
  • Marble Plays
    • This is short and sweet: simple “let’s play” style videos!
  • Super Marble Bros. (Title subject to change)
    • Similar to Date Night, this will be a show featuring myself and my younger brother and will be family friendly content. Videos will be edited and put out in a similar style to Date Night.

These are not the only shows coming soon, but these are all the shows I can confirm I am working on. Everything we do is with respect to the fact that we want to have fun, and we aren’t concerned about “going big.”

To hear more and see all these upcoming shows, check here at STG!

~ MarbleTyler