In case you missed any of the details today, here is a recap of all of the press news released today from the EA stream. Some original trailers will be embedded.

  • Titanfall 2
    • Showed off new gameplay montage including much more cinematic moments and brand new abilities
    • Single player campaign confirmed and a trailer depicting “the bond between titan and pilot”
    • Release date confirmed for October 28, 2016
  • Madden 17
    • Announced with brand new trailer
    • Brand new Madden 17 Champion series
  • Brand new ways of competing competitively across all EA games
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
    • Now powered by the Frostbite Engine
    • More details coming this fall
    • New trailer focusing on the brand new galaxy: Andromeda
  • EA: Play to Give Program
    • New objectives across existing games for gamers to donate $1 million to charity
  • Fifa 17
    • Trailer following a young man named Alex Hunter as he steps up in his Fifa career call Fifa 17: The Journey
    • Fifa 17 is running on the Frostbite Engine
    • Trailer featuring new engine physics and developments
  • New EA Originals program now makes sure the profits from games goes back to the games’ developers
  • Fe
    • New original game featuring an interesting forest platforming game using songs
    • Trailer showing off the 3D world of Fe
  • New Star Wars Battlefront game in 2017 with content from new movies
  • New Visceral Star Wars action game in 2018
  • 3rd person action adventure Star Wars game coming from Respawn
  • Video preview of all EA Star Wars games in development now
  • Battlefield 1
    • Short version of trailer for the story of Battlefield 1
    • Running on Frostbite Engine
    • Features dynamic weather, destruction, and a variety of weapons and vehicles
    • New trailer focusing on story and gameplay elements
  • After the press event, there was an hour of live gameplay for Battlefield 1

Check back here for each conference this E3 2016.

~ MarbleTyler

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