This is a very exciting review to write because I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that being said, I write this while avoiding as much bias as possible. I have seen this movie twice now and here is what I think.

Captain America CW2 (

To start, this movie is engaging and thrilling from beginning to end. This is a long movie, don’t get me wrong, but at no point does it ever become boring once it really gets going. Like many other Marvel movies, everything is important to the main plot or for future films, and this movie feels almost nearly perfected.

Without spoiling anything, there is nothing more satisfying than the fights that happen in this movie. The conflict is drawn out wonderfully, and both Captain America and Iron Man are right. You feel for each of them, and eventually there is almost no choice but picking your favorite hero. What this movie does well, and where Batman v Superman fell short, is that the fights are satisfying and feel intense. Fighting is what makes this movie in my opinion. The conflict is just done so well and was honesty even better the second time because of all the little details that can be missed the first time around.

Captain America CW3 (

Next topic are the characters, and how they play a role throughout. All the characters are amazing in their own way. It’s crazy to see how well they come together, and how some are even introduced in this movie. Vision of all characters is funny, Black Widow has her own internal struggle to deal with, and Paul Rudd just somehow takes the comedic Ant-Man character and makes him both serious and hilarious at the same time.

Even the new characters in this movie are introduced excellently. Black Panther comes out of nowhere, and he plays such a crucial and well done role. And then the big reveal is the brand new Spiderman, and while Peter Parker seems iffy to my, Spiderman feels like he should have always been in this universe.

Overall, this movie is an incredible tale for the Avengers. With both teams being right you can’t help but be amazed after every little twist and turn. I can’t say too much without spoiling any major plot points, but this is a must see if you like superheroes or any actoin movies. There has never been a superhero movie done like this.


~ MarbleTyler

All images from the Marvel Website