For those of us at STG, we are very excited for EA’s next Battlefield game: Battlefield 1!

Announced yesterday during a special event, Battlefield 1 is the next entry in the Battlefield series. The game takes place during WW1, and will focus less on modern devices and more on the technology soldiers had access to at the time,  and will have a developed melee system.

Like other Battlefield games, there will be 64 player servers with large scale battles filled with soldiers and a variety of vehicles. Vehicular land and air combat will be returning, but as shown in the trailer they will be portrayed in a way that has never been done before. Planes won’t have tracking missiles but mounted guns, and most tanks won’t play the same as others based on the type. Players will even be able to ride horses.

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The game is set to launch this October 21, 2016, with and exclusive “Early Enlister” edition that launches publicly on October 18, 2016. EA access members will also be able to play the game early.

  • Standard Edition – $59.99 – Featuring base game Battlefield 1
  • Early Enlister Edition – $79.99 – Featuring Battlefield 1, early release date (October 18), 5 Battlepacks, and 3 themed packs: Hellfighter, Arabia, and Red Baron


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Here at STG, we’re very excited to play this game, and it’s announced Open Beta sometime before the game launches. We will be playing a lot of this game, and there will be streams and let’s plays.

For more Battlefield 1, check back to STG!

~ MarbleTyler

All images via Official Battlefield Site