Revealed today, Halo 5: Guardians’ first official Firefight trailer is now available. The trailer shows off the new combat and intensity coming this summer when the Warzone Firefight update releases. You can check out the trailer below:

Along with the trailer, Xbox Wire revealed details about what all will be featured in the upcoming game mode. According to the post, Firefight will feature a team of up to 8 spartans in an arena fighting through 5 increasingly difficult rounds.

Halo 5 Firefight2 (Xbox Wire)Image from Xbox Wire

Also new to Warzone Firefight, there will be brand new ‘Mythic bosses’ said to be much more challenging than the Warden Eternal. Firefight is also said to have the most on-screen enemies than any other time in Halo history. On top of it all, your REQ system will carry over giving you access to your weapons, abilities, and more just as before.

I am personally excited to see more Firefight soon, and for more Halo 5 and all games, check here at STG.


Header Image from Xbox Wire