Call of Duty and I go way back, and sometimes.. I kinda wish that wasn’t the case. Over recent years, the Call of Duty franchise has slowly been degenerating, and I honestly don’t think its going to come back.. But alas, bashing the creators of Call of Duty isn’t the purpose of this post, but rather to highlight the better things that they have worked on, specifically in the past.

The Call of Duty game that I played and enjoyed the most  back in the day was Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was one of the first big games that I played, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Most of all, I loved playing the zombies game mode. For some reason, it seemed to have an infinite replay-ability to it, and I just loved it. I eventually broke down and forked over the cash for all the expansions so that I could get the new zombies maps, and I enjoyed it as much as ever. I still like Call of Duty zombies, but I haven’t played consistently in what has seemed like a century.

Recently, however, I have found a reinvigorated attitude towards zombies and have been devoting extra time to it. Instead of playing BO3 zombies or even BO2 zombies, I have found myself stuck in the past, playing Call of Duty: World at War Zombies. To me, World at War offers the most genuine experience; with the simple, close quarters maps, the gritty, intense action, and the creepy atmosphere, it offers everything I want. Fortunately, there’s more! With the power of PC gaming (yes Tyler, here’s looking at you..), players like myself are able to easily browse a fantastic selection of custom made zombies maps to mod into the game. This custom zombies craze is exactly what I have been enjoying lately, and it is what I wish to share with you.

Of course, I will visit old classics like Nacht Der Untoten, and Der Riese, and I may even jump into the Xbox One for some qulity BO3 zombies action, but I am focusing on the custom maps because they are new and sometimes challenging. So please, stay tuned for some Call of Duty zombies content and look forward to the possible guest appearances that I will have (mainly MarbleTyler if he so chooses to).

Thanks, and good hunting.

-Logan H.   aka   EpicSlayer934