HI ALL!!! Names magrum007117, or garrett, or g$, or whatever…. introductions later. For now lets get started with the top 5 list……………….

(Quick side note, these are games that I, ME, MYSELF have played and only MY opinion… don’t get butthurt if a game isn’t mentioned)

  1. Witcher 3: wild hunt- Have yet to beat the game, or find time to play it, but this game holds a special place in my heart as number one not only for the free dlc, but for the amount of game play that I have yet to discover an end to. What’s not to love about it. Amazing graphics, fluid combat, scary a** monsters, and just great gameplay. Absolutely love it!
  2. Fallout 4- close second only because I’ve had some issues with gameplay and corrupting saves, other than that I personally love the Fallout series of games. Awesome new crafting system, new area, power armor, a good mix of old and new, AND…. one sec… yea… new settlement needs my help…. fu** off Preston…
  3. Halo 5: Guardians- Usually not a huge fan of multiplayer games, but holy crap this is fun…. and I do pretty good in it. Have yet to beat the story but sounds like it’s one to remember. Amazing graphics, fun gameplay, new stuff, cool req. packs. Just a great game to play with a group of friends
  4. Star Wars Battlefront- (4? if you count all the battlefronts up?) HUGE fan of star wars ever since I was born. I own all the the previous games (battlefront 1 & 2 and Elite Squadron). Repetitive but still fun gameplay, awesome graphics, a   n   d       lo   ts    of       lagg   ggg  gg  g!! 11    11   !!1   !  !!on     e!!!!!!11  11!!!    1!
  5. Rainbow Six: Siege- Bust into a house and get shot instantly… watch everyone else win for a half hour OR get so close in lone wolf, last two guys are suicide bomber and charge you from opposite directions…. yay…..

-5,094 Black ops 3 (excluding zombies)  THIS FU***** GAME……. Campaign…. whats that?!?!? Oh the zombies community wants a strictly zombies game? Lets LITERALLY copy and past the “campaign” in a different order, do a female voice over, add dumb sh** zombies in it, and call it a day………….. FU** THAT………. and multiplayer is still sh**