Hi everyone, my name is Garrett Magrum or magrum007117. I am … years old, male, and go to ……… school… HA HA I don’t go to school any more, yet…

What I can say about me is I currently work in the meat and seafood department in my local supermarket, and I am finished with my pharmacy tech school (still gotta take the final for it) and hope to become employed at a local area hospital within the next month.

I LOVE games. Ever since I was born, I had a computer running or a gameboy (original brick) in hand. First game I remember playing was Super Mario LAND. Yea that game is old. Any way I currently own an Xbone, laptop, gameboy, gameboy color, 3ds, wii, psp (working?), and a NES. Also, im a HUGEEEE fan of Star Wars. In fact, I am learning to become a GM for a star wars d20 game, sorta homebrew with a bunch of twist in it and might possibly stream it?

Anyway sorry this is short, I gotta go to work soon. Hope to see yall soon and get on a video with logan and tyler. SEE YA~!